coral disease database and map!

Tegan Churcher tpaige at
Thu May 7 11:57:51 EDT 1998

Dear Coral listers,

I am a graduate student in the Department of Geography at the University of
California at Berkeley working with Dr. Bernard Nietschmann and Dr. David
Stoddart on coral reef diseases in the Indo-Pacific for my dissertation
research.  This summer I am doing pre-dissertation research and will be
selecting field sites in The Indo-Pacific.  

I am contacting you all because I think it would be helpful to compile a
database and create a map of coral disease outbreaks.  I am trying to get as
much information as possible so please take 15-30 min. to fill out this
survey consisting of 14 questions.  I will then return this data to the
group in some organized fashion.  Thanks for you time and assistance!

Ms. Tegan Churcher
Dept. of Geography
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
tpaige at


1.  What disease are you documenting?

2.  Have there been multiple disease outbreaks at this site?

3.  If yes to the above question could you please fill out this survey for
each disease you are knowledgeable about.

4.  Where did this coral disease outbreak occur?

5.  Please give the latitude and longitude for the area.

6.  When did this event begin?  

7.  When did it end?

8.  What is the size of the event?

9.  What depth is the reef at?

10.  What percentage of corals have the disease in the area?

11.  Are certain coral species more prone to this disease than other
species?  Please be as specific as possible.

12.  How are the corals responding to the disease?

13.  Is there any evidence of recovery?  If so how?

14.  Do you see any indirect affects upon the fish populations?  Please be
as specific as you possibly can.

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