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Call for Papers for INTERCOAST NETWORK #32, Fall 1998

Intercoast Network is a quarterly, global newsletter for those interested
in coastal management issues.  It is sent to over 4,500 subscribers in more
than 130 countries. The next issue, Fall 1998, concentrates on Economic
Methods and Tools in Coastal Management: Examples and Challenges.

While most of the world's economists may be oblivious to the dependence of
the global economy on the Earth's coastal ecosystem, resource economists,
coastal managers and environmental scientists are not. For them, the
mounting stresses are evident on every front as more and more sustainable
yield thresholds are crossed. With the world's economy having expanded
sixfold since the 1950s, it has begun to outrun the Earth's capacity to
supply goods and services, and the coastal zone is no exception, with
approximately 37 percent of the world's population living within 100 km of
the coast.

Intercoast #32-will explore the intertwined relationship between the
economy and coastal issues.

The editors request articles on interesting case studies where economics
has been used in coastal management, broadly defined.  Examples include:
benefit-cost studies, cost-effectiveness analyses, policy analyses, natural
resource damages (viewed as a way of preventing pollution incidents or
providing financing for restoration), interesting uses of incentive-based
approaches to prevent pollution or guide resource uses, case studies of
compliance in pollution or fisheries, or interesting cases in sustainable
financing. Examples of BOTH successes and failures are encouraged.

In addition to "theme" articles focused on coastal economic issues,
Intercoast includes "feature" stories on general global coastal issues, and
"Reports from the Field" giving summaries of projects and recent
achievements or initiatives around the world.  There is also "Intercoast
Insider Information" giving upcoming conferences, new publications,
Worldwide Web sites, videos, training and other useful items.

Theme and feature stories are 750-1,500 words, while "Reports from the
=46ield" are 250-500 words.  PLEASE NOTE: Photos, charts, maps and other
graphics enhance the look of the individual contribution; they are STRONGLY
encouraged. We do edit articles as necessary to fit the available space.

If you would like to contribute to Intercoast #32, contact Managing Editor
No=EBlle F. Lewis, Intercoast Network, Coastal Resources Center, Graduate
School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, Narragansett, RI, 02882
USA. Tel: 401-874-6870; FAX: 401-789-4670; E-mail:
noelle at

DEADLINE DATE is Wednesday, 15 July 1998.  Please contact me with questions
as soon as possible-starting today.

Thank you.

Noelle F. Lewis
Managing Editor, Intercoast
Coastal Resources Center (CRC)             Tel: 401-874-6870 [me or voice]
University of Rhode Island                             401-874-6224 [main]
Graduate School of Oceanography            FAX: 401-789-4670
Narragansett, RI 02882  USA

E-mail: noelle at

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