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Thu May 21 02:56:04 EDT 1998

Dear Cor-lister,

I am doing my research degree on zooxanthellae.  The objective of  my
research is to determine the numbers of zooxanthellae in 4 stations that
I have chosen. There are as follows: 1. pristine reef 2. degraded reef
3. open sea and 4. giant clam stocking area.  

I am using a plankton net with 10 micron mesh (zooxanthellae 9-12
micron).  Unfortunately, the water sample contain my other critters and
debris and thus makes it hard to identify the zooxanthellae.  I decided
to isolate the algae by filtering the water sample using 20 micron mesh.
Then the filtered samples were centrifuged at 3000 rpm for 2 mins.

Out of ten sampling, i have only once managed to see the algae.
Could it be a fluke, may be.  I am afraid that I am not using the right
centrifuged force to do the separation that it desintegrated those
algae. or simply the wrong technique...
Thus far, I am still searching for literatures that could help me with
my methodology.  Is anybody out there can help me? 

Thank you,
Wilson Alex.

Gayana Bay Resort,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,

E-mail: reefprj at tm.net.my

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