Coral Harvesting - Fiji.

Maureen Penjueli mpenjuel at
Fri Aug 6 06:33:15 EDT 1999

Bula everyone,

There is currently a huge debate in Fiji with regards to Coral 
harvesting in Fiji.  A paper was commissioned by the Fisheries 
Department and the industry to address the issue.  

Recommendation is to allow the industry to go ahead and there is a 
lot of concern in the country about the potential damage to the 
country.  However support is divided between those who support the 
industry and those that don't.   Fiji is becoming one of the biggest 
exporters if not the biggest exporter of coral products and there is 
concern regarding the damage that is done to the natural environment 
which has not been adequately dealt with in the report.  

We are requesting information/ contacts of scientists who have 
worked on this issue to help balance the debate here in Fiji....and 
provide people in Government with the necessary information.  We are 
particularly interested in research conducted in Asia or regions 
where there has been an impact.  We have at least a week to provide 
individuals with the necessary information.  I look forward to 
information that anyone could provide our office.  



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