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Dear coral-listers,

My colleague Mebrahtu Ateweberhan, who works in a joint project of the University of Asmara (Eritrea) and the Groningen University (The Netherlands), seeks information on underwater temperature loggers. He is especially interested in experiences of other researchers with this type of apparatus. I forward his message:

Out of 4 temperature loggers that we purchased in 1997, only one remains operational. Two of the loggers were found damaged while the third one was reading wrong values. We think the problem is associated with the size and the strength of the case. We are looking for suggestions on data loggers with rugged and strong case that withstands the strong water motion and with a 0-50 oC ranges of reading. Price obviously is an issue as well.

Mebrahtu Ateweberhan

University of Asmara

Atewebem at biol.rug.nl

mebrahtu at marine.uoa.edu.er

Please respond directly to Mebrahtu, thanks.

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