Catamarans for tuna fishing

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Fri Aug 6 09:10:21 EDT 1999

This message brings back some very fond memories for me. As a former Peace
Corps Volunteer in Western Samoa (1974-77) I participated in the first
boat building activities of the Western Samoan Fisheries Division.  We had
a terrific naval architect and boat builder who worked with the United
Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization who designed plywood catamarans
based along the lines of the traditional Samoan alia.  These boats were
quite successful.  His name was Oyvind Gulbrandsen and perhaps someone can
try and contact him via FAO to see if he could help answer your question.

Best regards, gene feldman

On Aug 5,  5:18pm, Mike King wrote:
> Subject: Catamarans for tuna fishing
> Samoa has a growing tuna longline fishery in which aluminum catamarans are
> the main vessels utilized by the local fishermen.  The tuna fishery is now
> the biggest export earner in the country.  As the industry has grown so
> quickly many local boat builders have constructed vessels without
> following approved plans from marine architects.  The government is now
> requiring that all fishing vessels are surveyed.
> What we would like to know: is there a formula for determing the beam size
> holding the two hulls together in relation to the boat length?  For
> example:
> a 8.5 m catamaran might require 10 cm by 10 cm beams and
> a 9.0 m catamaran might require 12 cm by 12 cm beams
> etc
> Grateful for any info.  Peter Watt
>-- End of excerpt from Mike King


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