underwater temperature loggers

Jim Ivey jivey at seas.marine.usf.edu
Fri Aug 6 16:52:16 EDT 1999

Hi Folks,

	Wow!  That brought a lot of requests!  If anyone is interested in looking
at some of the designs that I did for some of my junction boxes, I made a
real quick web page.  Please feel free to download the drawings, e-mail me
with any comments, or send large sums of money :-).  The drawings  are not
specifically designed for housing temperature loggers but can be adapted
for that use.  Just remember, I am not an engineer.  I am a PhD student
working in optical oceanography.  I am self-taught in CAD and UW housing
design.  Also, Tom Peacock (our boat captain and ROV/AUV tech) deserves a
lot of credit for helping me with these designs.  I am open for any
suggestions for improvements to these housings and will add any designs
that anyone else would care to contribute.

Go to:




>> Dear Gerard,
>> 	My suggestion would be to stick with inexpensive loggers but have a
>> machine shop make your housing.  I designed a number of housings for
>> optical instruments and junction boxes.  I use schedule 80 aluminum pipe
>> and have it anodized.  If you use a marine bulkhead connector on the
>> housing, you can further isolate the housing from water leakage through the
>> cable.  If you are really concerned about water leakage, filling the
>> housing with insulating oil adds an extra measure of safety.  I can send
>> you a CAD drawing of one of the housings I have designed.  Let me know if
>> you would like one.
>> Sincerely,
>> Jim Ivey
>> At 03:04 AM 8/6/99 -0400, Gerard Geertjes wrote:
>> >     Dear coral-listers, My colleague Mebrahtu Ateweberhan, who works in a
>> >joint project of the  University of Asmara (Eritrea) and the Groningen
>> >University (The Netherlands),  seeks information on underwater temperature
>> >loggers. He is especially interested  in experiences of other researchers
>> >with this type of apparatus. I forward his  message: Out of 4 temperature
>> >loggers that we purchased in 1997, only one remains  operational. Two of
>> >the loggers were found damaged while the third one was  reading wrong
>> >values. We think the problem is associated with the size and the  strength
>> >of the case. We are looking for suggestions on data loggers with rugged 
>> >and strong case that withstands the strong water motion and with a 0-50
>> >ranges of reading. Price obviously is an issue as well. Mebrahtu
>> >Ateweberhan University of Asmara Atewebem at biol.rug.nl
>> >mebrahtu at marine.uoa.edu.er Please respond directly to Mebrahtu, thanks.
>> >Gerard J. Geertjes
>> >Groningen University
>> >Department of Marine  Biology
>> >Kaya Dorado 12, Bonaire
>> >Netherlands Antilles
>> >geertjes at bonairenet.com
>> >phone: +  599 7 5879
>> >  
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