Coral Harvesting - Fiji.

Maureen Penjueli mpenjuel at
Mon Aug 9 07:58:01 EDT 1999

Bula Charles,

Just a few points of clarification - the request I had put forward is 
not an attempt by Greenpeace to rally support against the industry.  
It is merely an information seeking exercise.  We have been 
asked to provide information to relevant people in the country and I 
agreed to do that which is why I turned to the coral list - seeing 
that this is one of the places to source information and expert 
advice on the issue.  It would also provide the office with relevant 
materials for our public library.  However what I had not intended 
for the request to do was to create a whole debate about the 
industry.  This is not to say that I do not appreciate debate on the 
issue.  On the contrary, but I am seeking information that I can give 
to the relevant people and that is the aim of this exercise .  
However I do acknowledge that it is partly my fault for the wording 
in my last email re: negative impacts.  Let me rephrase...I am 
seeking information on the industry (scientific reports from around 
the world/websites that I can look up and reports which I could get
copies of).  And the information is for the benefit of the people of 
Fiji .....

We are well aware that the report that was circulated by the 
fisheries department is not the final report and have been informed 
by the consultant himself on when the final report would be made 
available.  Our comments will only be made then based on the final 
report. And no the official stance of the organisation is NOT, no 
resource use is good resource use.  Greenpeace in the Pacific 
region has been supportive of sustainable uses of natural
resources and are working together with local indigenous communities 
who want to ensure a sustainable use of their resources.  I would be 
more than happy to send information to the relevant people on what 
the organisation does in the Pacific.  

Generation of interest on the issue arises from a cabinet 
paper which was presented at parliment. 

I appreciate comments and look forward to assistance from the list.



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