Aquarius underwater laboratory update

Steven Miller smiller at
Mon Aug 9 20:38:32 EDT 1999

The Aquarius underwater laboratory, owned by NOAA and operated by the
University of North Carolina at Wilmington, supports scientists who live
and work underwater studying deep coral reefs in the Florida Keys
National Marine Sanctuary.  The Aquarius web site was recently upgraded
to include two live web cameras during missions: one in the Main Lock
and one outside in the water pointing back at Aquarius.  A mission is
currently in progress.

New information is also available related to the science program, and
operations (including the Aquarius Users Manual).  Expedition journals
are filed by aquanauts during missions and are quite popular.  They give
a first hand account of what it's like to live and work underwater.  A
few lesson plans are available that are targeted for middle school
students (on pressure, buoyancy, and underwater light), and more are
under development.  We are also looking for help from educators to
produce more lesson plans.

Thank you.

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