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Tue Aug 10 11:29:54 EDT 1999

Hi everyone,

I agree with Bob but only for questions regarding instruments, techniques,
or specific questions. An example of a specific question would be, "Where
is <insert species> found?"  Questions and comments that might bring about
a debate should be left as general posts.  Unless someone is willing to act
as an enforcer of the reporting then I would suggest it be voluntary.
People that want a specific answer and are willing to report the results
should add a line requesting that all replies be sent to their personal
address.  If they do not follow through on reporting after volunteering,
then we should forward all our junk mail to them :-).



At 04:47 PM 8/6/99 -0400, rginsburg at wrote:
>I wonder if we could in some way avoid having all the replies to a question
>posted on the List?  Could you suggest that when someone raises a question
>or comment, that they become the reporter and all replies and experessions
>of interest are directed to them instead of to the entire list?  Then,
>after they have had some feedback, they could post a  summary?  That way,
>all the rest of us need not receive every comment and reply?  If you want
>to cite me as the proposer of this plan, please do so.
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