Global Trade in Coral

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>>The World Conservation Monitoring Centre is pleased to announce the
>>publication of 'The Global Trade in Coral' (World Conservation
>>Press, Cambridge, UK, 70pp, ISBN: 1-899628-13-4). A brief summary
>>The Global Trade in Coral (Green and Shirley, 1999)
>>This study assesses the global trade in coral in an ecological and
>>economic context. Throughout the report emphasis is placed on the
>>trade in live coral for aquaria because the last decade has seen an
>>enormous increase in this business. The taxonomic composition of the
>>trade is identified and the quantities of coral passing between
>>nations illustrate the links between major exporters and importers.
>>Subsequent chapters present data on the practicalities of monitoring
>>international trade in coral at the global scale. In the last two
>>chapters size and growth rate data are used to assess the
>>sustainability of the trade in live coral: export and retail prices
>>are used to estimate the revenue to exporting nations.
>>Copies are being distributed by:
>>Tropical Marine Centre
>>Solesbridge Lane
>>WD3 5SX
>>United Kingdom
>>Tel: +44 1923 284151
>>Fax: +44 1923 285840
>>While stocks last these are available free of charge to addresses in
>>developing nations and at the cost of postage and packing to all Global

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