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Wed Aug 11 13:03:46 EDT 1999


I know that I speak for the vast majority of the coral-list users when I say 
"THANK YOU" for all of the time, energy and thought you have put into the 
list.  The coral-list is a tremendous resource for all of us.

It is great that you are open to making improvements, but it shouldn't all 
fall on your shoulders.  It may be time for us to collectively think about 
where we might be able to find some financial/personnel support for the list 
so that you can make the types of changes you refer to in your message.

At the very least, we coral-listers should start to take some more 
responsibility as well for projects such as the FAQ list.

Thanks again for all your good work,
Stephen Colwell
Executive Director
CORAL- The Coral Reef Alliance

"Working together to keep coral reefs alive"
Address: 64 Shattuck Square, Suite 220
Berkeley, CA 94704

tel:  510-848-0110
fax: 510-848-3720
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