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Fri Aug 13 18:06:14 EDT 1999

Hi Jim,
Been away for a couple of days.
What about Steve Colwell's email?
FAQs suitable for coral-list could be readily rewritten for the students,
I failed us in DC, in that there were so many concurrent agendas that we
never got to the specifics of what would be on their RECON website...but I
haven't forgotten if that should seem to be the appropriate way to go.
Have a great week-end,

PS The word is getting around. EPA guys a little vexed that the scientists
are only complaining about NOAA cuts when they perceive their position as
being even more precarious. I said, "All I need is a mole..." 

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>Subject: Re:  Re: coral-list moderation
>Date: Wed, Aug 11, 1999, 1:03 PM

>I know that I speak for the vast majority of the coral-list users when I say 
>"THANK YOU" for all of the time, energy and thought you have put into the 
>list.  The coral-list is a tremendous resource for all of us.
>It is great that you are open to making improvements, but it shouldn't all 
>fall on your shoulders.  It may be time for us to collectively think about 
>where we might be able to find some financial/personnel support for the list 
>so that you can make the types of changes you refer to in your message.
>At the very least, we coral-listers should start to take some more 
>responsibility as well for projects such as the FAQ list.
>Thanks again for all your good work,
>Stephen Colwell
>Executive Director
>CORAL- The Coral Reef Alliance
>"Working together to keep coral reefs alive"
>Address: 64 Shattuck Square, Suite 220
>Berkeley, CA 94704
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>fax: 510-848-3720
>email: SColwell at
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