Call For Consultants - A Request For Expressions Of Interest

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Mon Aug 16 05:22:50 EDT 1999

Call For Consultants - A Request For Expressions Of Interest

At the request of the UNEP Division of Environmental Conventions WCMC is in the process of developing a project to support coral reef assessments in four areas, those covered by the Cartagena, Lima, Nairobi and Jeddah Regional Seas Conventions. The need for this work was identified at a recent meeting of the Regional Seas Secretariats in the Hague.

The proposed plan of activity would include the development of terms of reference for consultants to visit each Secretariat to discuss and report on:

		·	the availability of data on the region's coral reefs 
·	the adequacy of existing data in the region
·	regional coral reef information needs and priorities
·	regional training and capacity building needs
·	relevant regional programmes and activities 
·	national involvement in international conventions

in the context of the sustainable use and protection of coral reefs.

The details of this project, including exact terms of reference, will be finalised during a meeting at WCMC on Wednesday 18th August. The consultants will be identified and timetables arranged for their visits before the end of August. Their visits would occur during September and a report would be due in early October. 

If you are interested in acting for WCMC and UNEP in a consulting capacity then please send me an expression of interest as soon as possible - at the moment this should NOT include more than contact details and a SHORT paragraph summarising relevant experience.

Thank you, 

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