Coral Harvesting - Fiji.

Bob Mankin bob at
Thu Aug 19 00:34:01 EDT 1999

Hello again,

Consider this a sort of informal introduction, but Mr. Walt Smith of
Lautoka, Fiji Islands has asked to join the list and you should be
seeing him weigh in on this debate shortly. For those that do not know,
Walt operates the largest collection station in Fiji and is the point
man most responsible for the numbers in question here. 

I'm sure he'll welcome any inquiries about figures or about the way the
industry operates in general. For those who have any interest in this
trade and how it effects the reefs of Fiji, you couldn't get a better
opportunity, so don't be afraid to put him on the spot. I've found Walt
very willing to discuss interesting aspects of the trade and hopefully
he will be able to assist in getting an accurate picture of what is
going on with the Fiji collection and export situation.


Bob Mankin

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