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Fri Aug 20 19:09:10 EDT 1999

A positive announcement from Puerto Rico.

Today, in a signing ceremony on Culebra, Puerto Rico established its first
official Marine Fishery Reserve Area. It's our understanding that the
legislation signed today creates an actual "no take zone."

Special thanks to the following: 

Culebra Fishermen's Association, who originally proposed this reserve in
1980 and whose progressive attitude may serve as an example for other
commercial fishermen interested in fish for tomorrow.

Dr. Vance Vicente who helped the Association develop the proposal and
worked for many years on community education in Culebra. 

Dr. Edwin Hernandez and his team of researchers from the University of
Puerto Rico who provided the data needed to support the establishment of
the reserve and to monitor the progress of this "no take zone" over time.
Edwin also works hard on community education. 

The Municipal Government of Culebra for recognizing the need and potential
benefits of the MFR. 

The Department of Natural and Environmental Resources for taking a very
positive step in the right direction toward coral reef conservation. 

Thanks and Congratulations to all......

Mary Ann Lucking 
Project Coordinator

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