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> Subject: National Nutrient Campaign
> Date: Monday, August 23, 1999 8:54 AM
> EPA to Establish Regional Nutrient Criteria for State Water Quality
> Standards -- They Need Your Input!
> The President’s 1998 Clean Water Action Plan calls for EPA to establish
> nutrient criteria that reflect the different types of water bodies and
> different ecoregions of the country and to assist States and Tribes in
> adopting numeric water quality standards based on these criteria.  This
> initiative was sparked by the 1996 National Water Quality Inventory
> Report to Congress which cited nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) as
> one of the leading causes of water quality impairment in our Nation's
> rivers, lakes and estuaries. In fact, the report found 40% of rivers,
> 51% of surveyed lakes, and 57% of surveyed estuaries were impaired due
> to nutrients.
> No matter what your issue is, no matter where you are, nutrients are
> most likely contributing to water quality problems in your area.  As
> many of you know, nutrients are one water quality problem that all Clean
> Water Network workgroups and activists must deal with across the board.
> Excess nutrients impair coastal waters, inland waters, rivers, streams,
> lakes, and wetlands.  They are a major source of water quality problems
> and have contributed significantly to the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of
> Mexico known as the Dead Zone.
> There are no national guidelines to address nutrients.  In June, 1998,
> EPA developed a national nutrient strategy which calls on EPA to develop
> waterbody-type technical guidance documents, establish National Nutrient
> Teams with Regional Nutrient Coordinators, and monitor the effectiveness
> of nutrient management programs as they are implemented.
> What You Can Do
> The Clean Water Network is starting a national nutrient campaign to work
> with CWN members and EPA to produce strong criteria on this important
> issue.  We are going to put folks in the same EPA region in contact with
> each other and with the Regional Nutrient Coordinator in their region so
> that together we can produce acceptable nutrient criteria to ensure
> clean waters.  If you are interested in working on nutrient criteria
> with other CWN members, please contact the Clean Water Network at
> cleanwaternt at igc.org or (202) 289-2421 by August 27th.  The campaign
> needs to get its feet off the ground early so members in the various EPA
> regions can be involved early in the nutrient criteria process.
> Nutrients are the number one cause of water impairment.  Let’s work
> together to create strong nutrient criteria and clean water!
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