regional coral literature update

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at
Wed Aug 25 11:18:15 EDT 1999

Dear Coral-Listers,

I am extremely pleased to announce an update to our CHAMP online coral
reef literature abstracts page at,

We now have a general coral reefs database, a Caribbean corals database,
and an American Samoa corals database.  We anticipate other regional
updates in the future.

The credit for all the hard work that went into the development of these
databases for online use by the coral community goes to,

  	Melissa Morris	Student Assistant to the CHAMP program,
			  	from Wellesley University
				(mmoriss2 at
	Maria Bello	Assistant Librarian (bello at and
	Linda Pikula	Librarian (pikula at

Thank you so much, Ladies!

	Jim Hendee

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