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Thu Aug 26 11:38:58 EDT 1999

Dear Coral Listers,

At the urging of Osha Davidson, I am copying the note I recently sent to Senator
Snowe seeking her contiuned support for NOAA funding, in the hopes that others
would follow suite.


Marea Hatziolos
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Marea Eleni Hatziolos
08/26/99 11:16 AM
Phone: 545+213        ENV

To:   Olympia at Snowe.Senate.Gov

Subject:  Your support for NOAA funding

Dear Senator Snowe,

I would like to express my deep appreciation for your efforts to support the
vital work of NOAA in safeguarding America's coastal and marine environments.
It would, indeed, be a trajedy if the wealthiest country in the world allowed
its extraodinary natural endowments in the marine realm to fall prey to
shortsighted budget cuts and political expediency.  This at a time when we are
encouraging many poor nations, under our foreign aid and other programs, to put
environmental protection on an equal footing with economic growth.

As an American who has dedicated her professional life to helping the poorer
countries of the world address their marine resource management concerns, I find
it disheartening to see the erosion of our own programs for conservation and
management in this country, as we fail to make the same politically difficult
decisions that we prescribe to our less well-off neighbors and clients.

I hope that you will continue the fight in Congress to provide the necessary
support to NOAA and other agencies charged with protecting the marine
environment so that we can provide a model to the world of effective marine
conservation and preserve its benefits for the enjoyment of our own
children--and theirs--for generations to come.


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The World Bank
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