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THE REEF PROJECT I - What is it? What is it all about?

THE REEF PROJECT is a unique facility concerned primarily with coral reef education, conservation, rehabilitation, and restoration. To accomplish these features, there are two major missions of the Sabah, Malaysia / Pulau Gaya facility. Designated as "The Reef Project I", it is hoped that similar facilities will be developed throughout South East Asia. This is an effort to bring the communities of the region to a more knowledgeable level of understanding about their unique coral reef ecosystems and how they can effectively and efficiently utilize them in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the entire world.

Mission One

Public education & awareness of the importance of the coral reef ecosystem - be it for food on the dinner plate, for tourist generated income, or for its exotic natural marine flora & fauna wonders yet to be discovered. This mission is initiated from the local community level.

Means to accomplish this Mission are:

        a.. "Living" Coral Reef Aquarium Exhibits & Themes
        b.. Public & Community Seminars & Functions
        c.. Brochures / Handouts
        d.. Internet Communications & Coral Reef Information Database Evolution
        e.. Quarterly REEF REPORT Newsletter
Mission Two

Coral Reef ecosystem research & development for determining restoration & rehabilitation methodology - rebuilding the coral reefs by applying various principles associated with other biological and engineering disciplines. Undergraduate practical and post graduate degree programs for university students are also supported in this mission.

Means to accomplish this Mission are:

        a.. Laboratories & Associated Equipment
        b.. Dive Locker & Mechanical Worktable
        c.. Coral Reef Field Monitoring Programs
        d.. Marine Life Research Tanks & Raceways
        e.. Sea-Scaping Reef Field Study Site
        f.. Degraded coral reef ecosystem [P. Gaya]
        g.. Cooperative Research Programs with other institutions and NGOs.
Further information about THE REEF PROJECT can be obtained through the Internet at:

reefprj at

reefprj at

Telephone: 6088 302 007 [Voice & Fax on Request]


G16 Wisma Sabah / 88000 Kota Kinabalu / Sabah, Malaysia

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