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Maia McGuire MMcGuire at
Mon Aug 30 16:54:15 EDT 1999

Thanks to everyone who replied to my request for feedback about handheld GPS
units.  Almost everyone who responded was happy with their units.  Two
people did feel that the lat/long digits on the display of the Magellan NAV
6000 were too small, but this was the only complaint anyone had.  Many of
you seem to be using the Garmin GPS 12 and find that it is adequate for most

We have opted to purchase the Garmin GPS 48, largely on the recommendation
of a salesman at West Marine (marine supplies store) who felt that the
design of the antenna on this particular model was better than any of the
others (it is a swivelling antenna, not fixed).  Otherwise, there was not
much to choose between models.  We are purchasing a differential unit which
will be mounted on our boat, and are looking into getting a long cable so
that we can wander around in shallow water with the handheld unit.

A couple of people recommended Trimble GPS units-they sound terrific, but
the cheapest handheld starts at around $3000...we are getting the Garmin
handheld and differential for around $650 (including cables, software,
brackets, etc).

Thanks again for all your advice!

Maia McGuire
Post-doctoral investigator
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution

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