Cebu & Tawi Tawi Visit - Giant Clams & Coral Farming

Don baker dbaker at
Wed Dec 1 05:55:58 EST 1999

From:    Don Baker / THE REEF PROJECT
             Kota Kinabalu - Pulau Gaya
             Sabah, Malaysia

REF:     Philippines - Giant Clams & Coral Farming

I will be in the Philippines from Dec. 10th to the 29th.  I would like
to visit with parties in/around Cebu with regards to the present
status/state of "coral farming" there and nearby?

I will also be in Tawi Tawi to assess conditions and brood stocks for
the establishment of a giant clam [Tridacna] hatchery & nursery.  I will
be in Tawi Tawi from about Dec. 11th to 18th - Cebu around 21st to
30th.  Bohol for few days during Xmas.

All parties interested in contacting me while I am in the Rep. of the
PI, please email me directly to relay contact telephone #s, etc.

My personal email: donbakerjr at
THE REEF PROJECT "other" email: reefprj at
My handphone#: 6 [019 852 1602]  [should have intnl "roaming"]
Home/Office Fax: 6 088 715 629

Looking forward to it!

Don Baker
Sabah, Malaysia
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