Description for identification of corals recorded in India

Fri Dec 10 04:54:53 EST 1999

Dear coral listers,

Here with I am sending a list of coral species
which are reported from Indian waters but we could not find the
descriptions to identify.  If any one  can send me photocopy of the
papers in
which the descriptions are available or you may mail the description
itself coating the references which will be of great help to us. There
are a lot of new records that are to be identified by us. It is far from
complete due to want of literature. We will be happy if any one who can
help us in this regard. 

Thanks very much,

Yours sincerely,
Scientist-SE & Officer-in-Charge
Zoological Survey of India
Marine Biological Station
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Chennai - 600 028

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1. Montipora elschneri  Vaughan,1918
2. Montipora florida  Nemenzo
3. Montipora efflorescens
4. Acropora polymorpha (Brook,1891)
5. Acropora pulchra (Brook,1891)
6. Acropora syringodes (Brook,1891)
7. Acropora botryoides
8. Acropora rectina
9. Leptoseris fragilis Milne Edwards and Haime,1849
10. Siderastrea lilacea
11. Cycloseris hexagonalis Milne Edwards and Haime,1849
12. Cycloseris sinensis Milne Edwards and Haime,1849
13. Fungia corona Doderlein,1901
14. Fungia dentigera Leuckart,1841
15. Fungiacyathus symmetrica (Pourtales)
16. Herpetoglossa simplex (Gardiner,1905)
17. Porites porites 
18. Porites polymorphus
19. Alveopora superficialis Pillai & Scheer,1976
20. Favia laxa
21. Leptastrea immersa Klunzinger,1879
22. Oulastrea crispata (Lamarck,1816)
23. Mussa angulosa (Pallas)
24. Caryophyllia clavus Scacchi
25. Caryophyllia arcuta Milne Edwards and Haime
26. Caryophyllia acanthocyathus grayi Milne Edwards and Haime
27. Paracyathus stokesi Milne Edwards and Haime
28. Paracyathus indicus Duncan
29. Deltocyathus andamanensis Alcock
30. Polycyathus andamanensis Alcock
31. Stephanocyathus nobilis ( Moseley)
32. Flabellum pavonium Alcock
33. Flabellum stokesi 
34. Placotrochus laevis Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848.
35. Balanophyllia affinis (Semper,1872)
36. Balanophyllia imperialis Kent
37. Balanophyllia scabra Alcock
38. Enallopsammia amphelioides (Alcock)
39. Enallopsammia marenzelleri Zivrowius

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