reef damage from ships

Milen Dyoulgerov Milen.Dyoulgerov at
Wed Dec 15 12:51:27 EST 1999

Dear all,

Early this year I wrote to you with a request for information on ship
groundings and/or anchorings in relation to a proposal that we were
developing to introduce uniform depiction of coral reefs and, possibly,
MPAs, on navigational charts.  I would like to thank all the people that
responded to my request and to inform you that the proposal has been put
forth for consideration within the IHO system.

Many of you expressed interest in the information that we find. Now, you
can access our findings (as of June 22, 1999) on the CHAMP Page at: 

Information on some additional cases in the US and its territories could
be found at: 

(the file name is "Coastal Uses Working Group"; the relevant information

I hope that you find the information useful in your work and I would
like to ask once again for your help in expanding what we have found so
far. Please, send information on any other cases that you are aware of

  milen.dyoulgerov at 

Of particular interest for us is whether the listed cases, or the cases
that you know about, have occurred in an existing or proposed Marine
Protected Area.

Best regards,
Milen Dyoulgerov

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