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Cathy Coon Cathy.Coon at
Tue Dec 21 21:33:53 EST 1999

Has anyone heard of reefballs?  I received this message but can't pull it up??

As a NOAA professional, and particularly if you are with NMFS, we wanted to
make you aware of Reef Ball designed artificial reef habitats used
primarily to restore ailing coral reefs but also to mimic nearly any
reef/structure habitats.  Over 50,000 Reef Balls have been used in over 500
worldwide projects and the success has been well documented scientifically.
Reef Balls are very cost effective to mitigate damages and provide
immediate but also long term habitat.  Reef Balls can be tuned to nearly
100% species diversity and population density of nearby natural reefs.  To
learn more visit our website

Todd Barber
Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd.
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