Coral species for monitoring

Gomelyuk, Victor victor.gomelyuk at
Tue Dec 28 18:00:22 EST 1999

Dear Colleagues,

I am a newly appointed marine scientist at Cobourg Marine Park (Parks &
Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territories). One of my duties is to
establish environmental monitoring in the Park. In addition to some other
techniques coral growth rate monitoring was selected as a promising
approach. It seems to be a very useful technique delivering information on
such generalised characteristic as growth. However, I am uncertain, what
coral species is/are more suitable for this type of monitoring. Common sense
tells me that it is better to choose:  

1.	Species that is/are common and abundant species in a variety of
habitat in the area (inshore and offshore reefs, Arafura Sea, NT,
2.	That/these species should be able to withstand unfavourable
environmental factors like water turbidity, changes in temperature,
salinity, etc.
3.	Forms with faster growth are preferable due to lesser bias.
4.	Selected species should be easily (or at least, more easily)
identified by even such unenlightened in coral taxonomy person as myself.

Can anyone please give me some suggestion on what coral species should be

Thanks in advance.

Dr Victor Gomelyuk
Marine Scientist
Cobourg Marine Park
phone 61 (08) 8979 0244
FAX 61 (08) 8979 0246

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