Video footage of bleached reefs

Paul Marshall paul.marshall at
Fri Feb 5 11:22:07 EST 1999

Hi Georg

Together with another colleague, Andrew Baird, I have been researching
the coral bleaching episode of 1998 on the Great Barrier Reef. Our
initial results are reported in the last issue of Coral Reefs for 1998
as a Reef Site:

Baird, AH; Marshall, PA; 1998 
"Mass bleaching of corals on the Great Barrier Reef "
CORAL REEFS; VOL 17; NUMBER 4; pp. 376 

During our surveys we obtained some dramatic video (Hi8) footage of some
of the worst affected reefs during the height of bleaching. While the
water visibility is typical for inshore reefs, the images are quite
spectacular. Please let me know if you think that the German TV channel
might be interested.


Paul Marshall

CRC Reef Research Centre
James Cook University
email: paul.marshall at

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