Articles on captive farming and propagation.

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Fri Feb 5 06:35:45 EST 1999

At EPARC(Eastern PA Reef Club) we are currently involved in the
administration of a group of web  pages which are entirely devoted to the 
captive propagation of corals.  We hope to create the largest
informational resource on the web, and the most navigable.  But we need
the help of every reefkeeper and scientist out there.

The decline of our coral reefs can in some ways be attributed to our
hobby.  We as a hobby can serve to show the world that we are taking a
stance and trying to stop the reef destruction by propagating and raising
fish and corals in our aquariums.  EPARC wants to join this effort by
making available a large library of techniques used to accomplish just
that.  We hope that all reefers can use and contribute to this effort.

Paul Auger

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