GBR Status Report 3

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The Australian Institute of Marine Science's Long-term Monitoring of the
Great Barrier Reef Status Report 3, which was released as a printed
document at the ITMEMS conference in Nov 1998, is now accessible on the
AIMS web page:

The report summarises information collected in six annual surveys of about
50 reefs spread across the GBR.  At these reefs, small reef fishes and
benthic organisms are surveyed on fixed sites and crown-of-thorns starfish
and general coral cover around the reef perimeter are assessed by manta
tows.  About another 50 reefs are surveyed by manta tow alone.

The report presents information on status and trends for the GBR, by region
and for individual reefs.

The report is available mainly as a series of .pdf files, though the
graphics content make some of these rather large.

The authors intend that this report will be a template for future reporting
of this long-term program, so we would welcome feedback on content and

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