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In Institute of Marine Biology (Vladivostok, Russia) Yuri Latypov has finished the description more than 300 species of Scleractinian of Vietnam. Five parts of the monography Scleractinian Corals of Vietnam (in Russian) in which are published many problem questions of morphology, terminology and taxonomy of these corals are surveyed. Is resulted annotated the list of all species, found in Vietnam.

The book The principles and methods of the CNIDARIAN classification. (Vladivoistok, Dalnauka, 1998, 244 p.) there is published. The book accounts the main results of more than 20 years of investigations in systematics and taxonomy of the CNIDARIA, which are difficult for taxonomy. The modern ideas abouth the criteria for taxon definition of the fossil and recent corals, actinia, hydroids are shown. Using numerous examples the significance of the various features, definition of the limits of their variability, methods of the resolving of the inevitable problems, which take place in the identification and classification of Cnidarian, are shown. 

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