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Thu Feb 25 11:25:30 EST 1999

At the risk of beating a dead horse, may I add one more thought into the
Endangered and Threatened Acropora 'listing' discussions....

Managing for E & T species, by law, is more than just the individual.  The
habitat that the species depends upon is a critical part of the
protection. There are thousands of species (marine and terrestrial) that
deserve listing because they are imperiled.  Most of these species are
imperiled because of anthropogenic factors, including loss of habitat or
habitat degradation.  With the current strong U.S. agency focus on
ecosystem management -- as opposed to species management -- if a select
few representative species are 'listed' and recovery actions are taken to
protect the habitat and larger environment of those species; then all the
other species within the habitat also benefit.  That is why the concept of
indicator and keystone species are so useful.

It's a round about way of getting the whole system, and there are
loopholes, but it can go a long way for establishing the imperiled status
of the reefs.

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