Doug Fenner d.fenner at aims.gov.au
Sun Feb 28 16:42:03 EST 1999

   Another web site telling how to get rid of the Happy99 worm is listed
below.  There are only about 4 steps to it, but if they don't make any
sense, you need to find someone who can make sense of them.  (in the
meantime, don't send anyone e-mail to avoid spreading it further)  Also,
please alert people you have sent e-mail to since you got it and opened it,
or it will continue to spread.
   I'm told you can't get a virus or worm from an e-mail, but you can get
one from an attachment, if there is something executable in the attachment.
 Word documents now have an executable part of them.  Virus check all
attachments before opening them, don't open any attachment from someone you
don't know.  


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