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Bob Endreson bob at
Fri Sep 3 18:08:55 EDT 1999

This is a letter than was just sent to Dr. D. James Baker and the letter to the
Council regarding the
Coral Reef Ecosystem FMP Essentially the letter is a request to review the
Council process in developing the Coral Reef Ecosystem draft FMP and the
Framework of that FMP.  The system is seriously flawed.  The Council has
violated NEPA, the plan team members are extremely disturbed by the
Council's actions, the public has been lied to and the NMFS/NOAA must
take control of the situation.

It is now clear why the Council is moving at breakneck speed to get this
FMP completed and it is simply about power and money.  They wish to
circumvent the National movement for Coral Reef Ecosystem management and
devise their own plan of action in and of itself.  This plan included
developing a market for live coral which will further deplet EFH.  Those
of us who have spoken with the Plan Team members, the State of Hawaii and
the consultants that the Council have hired can tell you there are serious
problems associated with this process.

Yesterday we learned that at a public meeting in KONA, the Council gave
the public outdated material to comment on.  A draft that has already been
rejected by the Plan Team.  However, the Council was simply trying to get
their NEPA requirements out of the way.  We have also learned that
consultants that were hired by the Council have expressed anger at the way
things were proceeding while others admit to not being qualified.

Please don't misunderstand the intent of our opposition on this issue.
We think the idea of a Coral Reef "Ecosystem" FMP is essential, however,
if the Council can pick and choose what is and what is not part of that
plan and selectively mold their own framework,  this FMP will do little
to protect the US Coral Reefs here in Hawaii.    For more information go


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