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Harry McCarty McCarty_and_Peters at
Mon Sep 6 17:14:14 EDT 1999

                Coral Tissue Slide Reading Workshop

Dear List,

I plan to offer a workshop on reading histoslides of coral tissues sometime
during the winter or spring of 2000.

The workshop will be held at the Registry of Tumors in Lower Animals,
George Washington University, Washington, DC, to take advantage of the
6-headed teaching microscope there (thus, each session is limited to five

The workshop is planned for 2 1/2 to 3 days and will probably begin or end
on Saturday or Sunday.  Dates are flexible, and will be arranged depending
on participants' travel plans.

Lecture and slide-reading sessions will alternate, to cover the following

Introduction to histology and histopathology

Techniques for the preparation of coral tissues for light and electron
microscopic examination

Coral anatomy and histology

Coral diseases

Participants are encouraged to bring their own histoslides for discussion,
if they have prepared any, and are expected to make a brief presentation on
their own coral research (physiology, symbioses, pathology, toxicology,
microbiology, etc.)  Scleractinian corals will be the primary focus, but
other tropical cnidarian groups could also be discussed.

Cost of the workshop is minimal, but travel to/from Washington, DC, meals,
and hotel must be paid for by the participant (Note: I do not have access
to any travel funds; this must be arranged by each participant).

Please let me know if you are interested in attending.  (DO NOT REPLY TO
THE CORAL-LIST, send to: mccarty_and_peters at

I will provide further notices as plans progress to all who express an

Dr. Esther Peters

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