GIS mini symposium at 9ICRS

Eric Treml Eric.Treml at
Thu Sep 9 07:29:05 EDT 1999

[Many apologies for any cross-posting.]

     I am assisting Marji Puotinen in developing a geographic information
systems (GIS) and coral reefs mini symposium proposal to submit to the 9th
International Coral Reef Symposium Committee
(  The agenda will be based on the
interests of the people who plan on attending, and be devoted to individual
paper presentations.  The mini symposium may also include a short
introduction to GIS, an update on where the technology is headed, and how
it can be used to advance the study of coral reefs. We will also have a
short joint session with the remote sensing group.
     What we need at this point is a list of people who are interested in
presenting research or attending this mini symposium at the 9ICRS.  Please
respond to this email, BY FRIDAY SEPT. 10, if you are interested in
presenting or attending this mini symposium.  Of course, any comments or
suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,
Eric & Marji

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