9ICRS and East Timor

Clovis B. Castro cbcastro at pobox.com
Mon Sep 13 15:13:07 EDT 1999

Dear Colleagues,

Have any of you gave some thoutght on what are you going to do in October
By that I mean: if the situation in Indonesia, and particularly in East
Timor, does not reach a good solution, will you still consider attending
the symposium?

I have been looking forward to attend the 9ICRS. However, I am currently
having second thoughts about participating (as a tiny protest against
current practices in Indonesia) - the situation in that country (and TV
images don't let us forget) is dramatic.

I remember the last session in Panama, when there was one strong protest
against the selected location of the next symposium. Then, there was an
assurance that the symposium would not be held in Bali unless the political
situation was under control. It looks like it is not, and will not be in
the near future.

Are the ICRSociety and the 9ICRS organizers still sure the symposium will
occur? Are society members willing to attend in such a situation? What
happened with the second option (Thailand?)? Did anybody think seriously
about adopting it?

I would appreciate hearing comments about these questions.


Clovis Castro
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