why it didn't post

coral-list admin jch at aoml.noaa.gov
Thu Sep 16 10:14:31 EDT 1999

Sorry, I've had a lot of occurrences like this lately.  I just wanted to
remind some of you that have your email forwarded all over the place, that
the coral-list listserver software (majordomo) only recognizes the machine
(computer, host)  that you subscribed from, so that if you try to post
from another machine, it will bounce.  Sometimes I know who you are and I
forward the message anyway, but sometimes I don't.  If the message looks
like it is coral-related (as opposed to junk mail/spam), but I don't
recognize your email address, I will probably subscribe you, then forward
the message on to coral-list.  If you were having your email forwarded,
you will now be getting two copies of the coral-list messages, and you (or
I) will have to go through the hassle of unsubscribing yourself under one
of your two (or more) email addresses.  I'm sure you'd rather not deal
with this. Maybe you could telnet to the previous machine from your
present one?  If you can't do that, but you're only having a short stay,
no problem, just go ahead and send it anyway.  But if it is going to be a
long stay, maybe you could consider unsubscribing from the old address and
subscribe from the new one.

The moral of the story is:  Please try to post messages from whatever
machine you originally subscribed to coral-list from.

Thanks for your cooperation.


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