coral web cam

Bruce Carlson carlson at
Thu Sep 16 16:17:10 EDT 1999

We have a new living coral on our web cam.  On September 5 I placed one
polyp of
Caulastrea furcata in front of our camera lens.  Once again we will be
recording it as it divides and grows.  I figured that starting with a single
polyp would be the most interesting way to start this slow-motion event.  I
don't think anyone has recorded how this coral actually divides and grows.

Previously, we displayed a colony of Montipora digitata on the web cam.  It
quickly filled the entire frame and had to be removed.  The Caulastrea will
be up much longer since it does not grow as quickly.  A metric ruler is in
the picture frame for scale.

The Waikiki Aquarium website is:  Scroll
to the bottom of the page and click on "Corals Are Alive!"  (not on the
other camera called "Coral Cam" which is focused on the shark exhibit).


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