9ICRS and East Timor

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg oveh at bio.usyd.edu.au
Fri Sep 17 01:28:54 EDT 1999

The question to me is not whether I will topple a government, but, should I
be supportive of a regime that has encouraged and condoned the recent
violent suppression of human rights and democracy in East Timor.  This
aside, I feel that the active refusal to interact with Indonesia across a
wide array of fronts will have a dramatic effect.  One only has to look to
the effect of similar actions on South Africa for an example.

<My statement is not intended as an insult to my many Indonesian friends
colleagues who do not support the inhumane actions of the militias and the
Indonesian military.  I feel very sorry for their very difficult position
within this frightening context.>

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> Coral-List,
> I don't agree with Lida Pet-Soede who seems to think that international
> pressure won't affect the Indonesian government. Maybe it won't, but if it
> won't for human rights I suspect that coral reefs have even less chance. I
> also think that Lida missed the point when stating "...now Indonesia is
> going through rough times..." - what about East Timor? I'm glad that the
> Council of the International Society for Reef Studies is considering the
> matter carefully and look forward to receiving their deliberations in due
> course.
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