New Review on Coral Reproduction

Peter Harrison pharriso at
Fri Sep 17 20:52:07 EDT 1999


I am in the process of writing a new review on the Biology and Ecology of
Scleractinian Coral Reproduction, and will be aiming to publish this next
year. The new review will synthesise all known information on this topic,
with particular emphasis on recent work since the previous major reviews by
Harrison and Wallace (1990), Richmond and Hunter (1990), and Fadlallah
(1983). I will be creating a website with tables of information including
all published information (and unpublished observations by colleagues) on
aspects of sexual pattern, mode of reproduction and spawning periodicity,
biogeographic patterns etc., so this should provide a valuable resource for
people wanting access to summaries of coral reproduction data. The review
will also include information from colleagues that is in the process of
being published, or is published in the 'grey' literature, reports etc.
Please contact me if you have any information on this topic that you would
like to see included, and I will provide updates to the coral-list as the
review progresses.

I look forward to hearing from you (and finishing this monster review!).


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