Malaysian Citizen Interest in The Reef Project Position

Don Baker dbaker at
Sun Sep 19 18:20:59 EDT 1999

Greetings From Sabah, N. Borneo & THE REEF PROJECT

A few weeks ago, I sent in a request for CVs and associated interest materials with regards to the directorship position for THE REEF PROJECT.  This facility is located on the island of Gaya off Kota Kinabalu. Hosted by an upcoming & developing eco-resort, Gayana Resort, this research facility has an excellent opportunity for coral reef management and restoration right smack in the middle of the SE Asian "war zone" in coral reef conservation as well as marine resources.

I have received many responses from other countries. I am deeply concerned that I have yet to receive a CV or reply from a Malaysian citizen. [?] The Reef Project is required to solicite Malaysian citizens first & foremost for this position and only after a certain period of time will international applications be entertained.  All CV and emails received to date are still on record and file.

I will keep Coral-L updated on this matter.

Many thanks for the responses and CV!

Regards from Sabah, N. Borneo,
Don Baker
Director / Consultant

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