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Sun Sep 19 09:36:19 EDT 1999

The following public service announcement is to inform you of a
Fund-raiser for REEF CHECK. It is primarily an Online project, but Postal
mail access will also be available. It will go online around Oct. 1st and
run until March 25, 2000.  If you have access to a newsletter, journal or
other publication that can run the PSA, it will be greatly appreciated. In
fact any way that you can help publicize the project will be very helpful.
Please contact me with questions or comments. Thank you, Roy King

    Coral Reefs are known as the Rain Forests of the sea.  They are being
decimated faster than they can regenerate!

   REEF CHECK, the volunteer coral reef education, monitoring and
management program, completed the first global survey on the health of the
planet's reefs in 1997. The results are crucial in evaluating human impact
on tropical seas, and on global warming. REEF CHECK methods and data are
widely used by marine scientists, international conservation programs, and
environmental groups in fifty countries around the world, and the program
has been instrumental in raising public and governmental awareness of the
deteriorating conditions of the world's oceans. But to continue, expand
and coordinate this vital work, funds are critically needed. Volunteer
scientists need funds to travel to remote locations such as Indonesia and
Africa to train local people. Basic skin diving gear is needed for poor
coastal villagers to participate in the community-based management of
their reefs, before it is too late. You can help.

   To raise funds for REEF CHECK, a home site on a 500 acre island near
Acadia National Park, Maine, USA is being raffled: one chance to win per
$20.00 donation. Black Island is a natural paradise with old growth
spruce, yellow-birch and rowan trees. Eagles and deer inhabit the high
rocky crown, and mink are native to the rugged shore and deep surrounding
waters. Only four homes will be allowed on the island, by restrictive
covenants. If you win you will receive the $450,000 property plus $150,000
to use, if you like, for your own island dream home.

   Please see for details. And please spread the word
about this exciting opportunity to help save our oceans to your friends,
organizations and publications.

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