To Bali or not to Bali....

sapta Putra sapta_gt at
Thu Sep 23 22:50:54 EDT 1999

Dear Erdmann and coral listers

Thank you for your positive comment.

As Erdman has experience working in Manado, I also have experience in many
part of Indonesia. The situation in East Timor cannot be generalized
throught out Indonesia. There many part of Indonesia have much better
human right performance than East Timor.

I have involved to encourage local governments and local NGOs to conserve
coral reef ecosystem since 1997 through COREMAP. Some of them gradually
implement the program to protect their reefs. So, if international reef
scientiest boycot the 9ICRS due to the East Timor problems, then the
boycot will not affect military attitude but descourage local government
innitiatives to conserve their reefs.

So, before the reef scientiests make decision please consider whether your
decision will change the situation in East Timor or descourage the coral
reef conservation program in Indonesia.

Kind regards

Sapta Putra Ginting
School of Tropical Environment Studies and Geography
James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland 4811
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