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The Western Pacific Council still promotes an agenda that would allow shark finning to continue even in the face of NMFS, NOAA and the public's request to stop finning as a result of the waste it causes.  A number of articles have been written by the Chairman of the Council as well as a letter to the Secretary of Commerce, trying to convince him not to pre-empt  the Council.  We hear that a recent letter from NOAA instructs the Council to stop finning immediately

The Council's letter and articles are carefully worded, yet it mirrors the complaints by commercial interests throughout the Country for years.  Phrases such as not enough data, more research is needed have echoed through the halls of fisheries management until in many cases it was too late.

The Council has also made claims that people in Hawaii do not want finning to stop, that they don't think it's wasteful or cruel and therefore the Council should not be influenced.  Your help is desperately needed to make sure those involved and who can make a difference hear you load and clear.  If you don't take the few minutes it takes to simply tell them to "STOP SHARK FINNING IN THE WESTERN PACIFIC IMMEDIATELY", don't expect others to step up and do it for you.  many of you have already helped, but more is needed.

The Commerce department is poised to act, but they need to hear from you.  We urge you to send in your support by going to

Or send your comments to WDaley at     Penny.Dalton at or Senator Daniel Inouye at Fax 202-224-6747  or email your comments to the Senator at :

Now is the time to stand up and let them know what you think.

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