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Tue Sep 21 15:58:59 EDT 1999


I'm writing  from Planet Ark Environmental Foundation in Australia.

We have a website which hosts the daily Reuters 'World Environment News'
service (

Every day, we send out daily 'World Environment News' headlines free of
charge to thousands of subscribers.  We also place 15-40 fresh
environment news stories onto our site.

The site also acts as a repository for thousands of Reuters
environmental news stories from the last 18 months - this resource is
fully searchable and is a great research tool.

We also have the latest Reuters environmental news pictures (we are the
only web site in the world that currently has this service).

We also have free environmental software, environmental QuickTime
videos, environmental radio shows in streaming RealPlayer format and
much more for people interested in doing their bit for the environment.

If you are interested in looking at the site and subscribing to the news
service then that would be great. If you can help us in promoting this
service to other environmentalists, then we'd really appreciate your

If you visit us, don't forget to check out the latest TV PSA that has
been done for our site by James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan. This is being
launched worldwide to coincide with the new Bond movie at the end of

If you get the time, please let me know what you think of the site...
I'd like to read your feedback!

With best regards,

Jon Dee

Founder & Managing Director
Planet Ark Environmental Foundation
PH ... +61 2 9319 5288
FX ... +61 2 9319 7199
E-MAIL jondee at

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