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Coral List,
I wholeheartedly agree with Wes' comment about the shift in timing of the
conference.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) many of us, especially those of
us at primarly teaching institutions, have to teach classes in the fall and
will be unable to get away for the conference.  I have talked with several
of my colleagues that are at similar institutions and they also will be
prevented from attending because of the switch from summer to fall.
Regardless of the political ramifications, just by switching the timing the
organizers have already excluded a number of researchers that regularly
attend the conference.  
Best wishes,
Danny Gleason

At 02:11 PM 9/20/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Coral Reefer Colleagues,
>In regards to a shift in timing of the Bali 2000 conference, an extended
move to the summer of 2001 would allow plenty of assessment time and might
allow more academicians and students to attend.  Although I was not privy
to the reason for selecting a "western" fall semester timeframe, it is the
first time since I went to the 1985 meeting in Tahiti that the meeting has
been "outside" the summer.  Although I plan to be there, and I am sure
there were good reasons for selecting the fall timeframe, I believe some,
perhaps many, academicians and students will find it difficult to attend,
and especially participate in field trips.
>Wes Tunnell
>Director, Center for Coastal Studies
>Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

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