To Bali or Not To Bali...

Laurie Jeanne Raymundo ljr5 at
Wed Sep 29 10:36:05 EDT 1999

Hi, All:

I guess it's about time for me to give my two-cents worth.  While I agree
that a postponement of the conference would give adequate time to assess
the situation and decide if the venue should be moved, etc. etc., I'd like
to remind all those who teach at western institutions that many of us who
teach in the east have  classes in July and may not be able to attend.  In
the Philippines, where I teach, the end of October is our semester
break--July is smack in the middle of our first semester.

I realize that the timing of the conference is going to be difficult and
inconvenient for at least someone, somewhere.  I will go, no matter when it
is scheduled, though I don't have any idea how I will handle being absent
from my classes if the conference is scheduled for July.  I don't wish to
throw a wrench into the works.  It's just that I think that it's important
to remind everyone to be aware that there is a significant chunk of the
world that doesn't run on the same schedule as schools in the west.

Best Wishes--

Laurie Raymundo

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