gametes/larvae of P. verrucosa

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Wed Sep 29 10:51:37 EDT 1999

Dear coral-listers,

We have just started a research program on the genetic structure and
maintenance of coral populations in French Polynesia. For the genetic part,
we are planning to use microsatellite markers, and to start with
Pocillopora verrucosa.
My lab is located in Perpignan, France. I was planning to collect samples
of gametes and/or larvae of P. verrucosa from October to December in
Moorea, French Polynesia. Unfortunately, due to several reasons, I had to
cancel this field trip, and I will not be able to go there untill next

That's why I am contacting you. I am now seeking some samples of gametes
(sperm is better) and/or larvae of Pocillopora verrucosa. May be one of you
has some samples in his collection, or is able to easily collect some.
Samples of up to one year old are OK. They just have to be stored in

Please contact me at: adjeroud at
and/or Michel Veuille at: Michel.Veuille at
for further discussion and information. Of course, we will pay for every
expenses (transport, etc.).

Thank you for your time
Mehdi Adjeroud

Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, URA 1453 CNRS
Laboratoire de Biologie Marine et Malacologie
Universite de Perpignan
66860 Perpignan Cedex FRANCE
Tel : (33) 4 68 66 20 55
Fax : (33) 4 68 50 36 86
Email : adjeroud at

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