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Special Issue of CORAL REEFS on Large-scale Dynamics of Coral Reef Systems

Volume 20 of CORAL REEFS will include a Special Issue entitled "Large-scale 
Dynamics of Coral Reef Systems". As the title suggests, the purpose of the 
issue is to provide an overview of current research and developing issues 
in this broad area that encompasses biogeography, biodiversity, 
epidemiology, evolution, and the relationship of all of these to 
contemporary issues of environmental variability and reef responses at 
global and regional scales. Manuscripts may be empirical or theoretical, 
long or short. Reviews and Reef Sites on an appropriate theme are also 

Interested authors should contact one of the Guest Editors as soon as 
possible about their intended submission. General information will be 
posted and updated at:

Guest Editor for the issue is:

Robert W. Buddemeier (phone 1-785-864-2112, fax 1-785-864-5317, email 
buddrw at; mail to Kansas Geological Survey, 1930 Constant 
Avenue, Lawrence, KS 66047 USA)

Associate Guest Editor(s):

Daphne G. Fautin (phone 1-785-864-3062, fax 1-785-864-5321, email 
fautin at; mail to Biological Sciences, Haworth Hall, University of 
Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045 USA).

Additional Associate Guest Editors may be named.

Advice to prospective authors:

1. Because of the nature of the topic, synthesis or review papers, rather 
than focused reports of experimental results, are expected to occupy a 
substantial amount of the available space.

2. Small-scale studies are acceptable provided that they are well 
integrated into, and serve to illustrate or explain, processes operating at 
larger scales.

3. Papers accepted for publication will contain explicit definitions of the 
key terms used (in particular, "coral reef" and any variant of the term 
"community"), and quantitative specification of the scales addressed. No 
particular definition is required or preferred, but specification is 
essential. Examples, references, and identification of specific issues are 
available from the Guest Editors.

4. The editors have identified the following topics as of particular interest.
	a. Non-reefal occurrence of the biota normally associated with coral 
reefs: the role of such species in the biogeography, biodiversity, and 
adaptive responses of the organisms and communities.
	b. Reefs as self-seeding versus linked entities: taxonomic, geographic, 
and geologic patterns through space and time.
	c. High-latitude, deep-sea, and non-coral reefs: what their similarities 
to and differences from tropical, shallow-water coral reefs can teach us 
about coral reefs.

The issue (approximately 100 pages) will be published in 2001 as soon as 12 
papers have been accepted; additional submissions will be considered for 
publication in subsequent issues of CORAL REEFS. To ensure a speedy 
publication, manuscripts should be submitted as soon as possible to one of 
the Guest Editors.

Robert W. Buddemeier
Kansas Geological Survey
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS  66047 USA
tel: (785) 864-2112
fax: (785) 864-5317
email: buddrw at

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