Bleaching watch in the Keys?

Erich Mueller emueller at
Mon Aug 7 14:43:16 EDT 2000

Jim and Al,

As part of our NOAA-funded MEERA (MArine Ecosystem Event Response and
Assessment) project, we are keeping our eye out for reports. Also, we have
had several bleaching projects going on here this summer. In general,
people have had a hard time finding bleached corals although there have
been some sightings. Several groups found bleached Porites astreoides at
Pigeon Key. This area can get very warm (I've recorded 34 C in past years)
but no body got any temperatures there. They can be considerably different
around the island than at the Sombrero C-Man station. 

I've also seen a bit of light, patchy bleaching in the Lower Keys but
nothing I would call an "event". I will be on a Keys-wide coral disease
cruise starting Thursday and we will be recording bleaching. The OSV Peter
Anderson actually left Miami this AM to start in the BNP and Upper Keys. I
join at Looe Key and we work our way westward to the Tortugas. Will let
you know what we see. Will return on the 18th.

Ciao, Erich


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